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the sunset, it gazes under the moonlit sky. i don`t need drugs, you are my natural high. to the end we`ll fly, let`s get close. closer than ever before. i don`t need kissing & holding hands, i need more. we shared them good times, love letters & rhymes. the closest place you can get is on my mind. they say love is a war that shouldn`t be fought. but love & poetry? that`s all i got. love can`t be forced or bought, not with diamonds or gold. don`t listen to all the lies you`ve been told. without you baby, life wouldn`t be the same. i`m also full of agony & pain, no more sunshine. dark skies & rain. you make my dreams so real when you are next to me. it was a luck finding you, it was my destiny. you bring out the best of me, in the flesh & mentally. you love me for me, not just for my looks. you love the way i speak, the way i write so deep. the way real love is supposed to be. life is so perfect when you`re close to me. let`s get close, closer than ever before. no doubt you`re my laughter, my before & after. my heart & soul has been captured. i couldn`t of fallen for you any faster. every time i look at you, i get a taste of what heaven is like, the most spectacular thing ever in sight. with you close, i can`t go wrong, that`s why i wrote this love song. let`s get close, closer then ever before.
--mike sincere--
❝Never apologize for what you feel, it's like saying sorry for being real.❞

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